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Single course

For all enquiries please contact our Single Course Provision Coordinator

Michelle Dowling 

Telephone: 02 6681 0358

Fax: 02 6681 0499


More information  

Single course provision handbook

Single course provision (PDF 893KB)


2021 Application - Single Course

Applications will be processed by the Head Teacher Single Course Coordinator. Applications cannot be processed if the enrolment form is not completed in full. Course fees must be paid by the home school (personal cheques cannot be accepted).  All single course applications must come from the Principal at the student's home school. 

Single course application (PDF 471KB)  


Course information booklets

Please refer to the curriculum page.  


Single Course Continuers Form 

A continuing enrolment form must be completed for students moving from Year 9 into Year 10, and from Year 11 into Year 12. These forms ensure student records remain accurate. Non Government schools must include payment for continuing students.
For more details, and a copy of the form, please contact Michelle Dowling.  


Language students:

Language students must complete the following declarations:

NESA beginners form (PDF 806KB)

NESA continuers form (PDF 488KB) 


Required texts

Required texts are to be purchased by the home school.

Text book list (PDF 906KB)  


Single Course Leaver Form

Leavers form (PDF 110KB)  


Educational Access Scheme

Educational Access Scheme Form