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Providing quality distance education since 1995

Online Learning

We provide flexibility for student learning, offering online lessons for quick submission and feedback on learning.

Online Learning

We use the online learning management system, Canvas, to teach most of our courses.

For detailed information about accessing Canvas and assistance with solving problems, visit our Canvas Page and Canvas Support Page under Online Learning.

DEMS - School Administrative System

We use the Distance Education Management System (DEMS) as the database for our administration record keeping within our school.

For detailed information about how to access the DEMS student and parent/carer portal, please visit the DEMS Portal page.

Login to the DEMS Student and Parent/Carer Portal

NSW Department of Education student portal

The department provides students with a student portal interface to access the most important features to help their online learning.

Students can access thier school email and the library on the Student Portal.

All distance education students use their school email ( to communicate with their teachers. Please check you school email daily.  

Free software for use 

Students enrolled in Southern Cross School of Distance Education gain access to both Google GSuite and Microsoft Office.

To use these programs login to your Student Portal and you will see the tiles.  Simply click and use online.