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On the day of the exam

Exam day has arrived.

How you start your day and what you do will impact how you feel walking into your exam. Follow these tips for a positive start to your day and the best chance of performing at your best.


Eat a nutritious and sustaining breakfast and lunch. 

  • Foods containing protein and complex carbohydrates are your best choice as they provide sustained energy, that will you to concentrate better. 
  • Avoid foods that are high in salt, sugar and simple carbohydrates, as these will lead to rapid changes in your blood sugar levels, which will affect your concentration levels. 
  • Examples of food choices include oatmeal, fresh fruit, wholemeal bread, salmon, vegetables, eggs, peanut butter, yoghurt, nuts and seeds.


Read over your most important facts, notes or practice essays one more time, but don’t try to learn anything new, as last minute cramming will only stress you more and unnecessarily. If you don’t know it now, you never will!


Do some exercise or go for a power walk – this will help to energise your brain and calm your pre-exam nerves.


Arrive early, at least 15 minutes. Allow plenty of time to arrive at the exam centre, find a parking spot and walk to where you need to be.

You've got this

Be confident and practise positive self-talk, reminding yourself how much hard work and study you have put into preparing for this exam and how much you know. Avoid negativity, particularly from other students.

Take some time to collect yourself – breath in some fresh air and take a short, brisk walk before you enter the exam room.

For some more exams tips, check out the suggestions in the countdown before exams from Matrix Education.