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Study skills resources

The information in this section will help students get the most out of their schooling and hopefully develop lifelong learning habits. Some of the information is directed towards senior students who are preparing for external exams, however, the resources are still helpful for all students. The earlier students can develop positive learning habits, the better.

Learning doesn’t only happen at school. For most students, additional time will be required outside of school time, to understand and remember new information, as well as practise skills to help master them. Everyone is capable of learning though, and there are certain strategies that will help the process.

So, what can you do? How can you give yourself the best chance of learning? What works best?

Whilst there is no one magic answer for these questions, there are many proven ways that can help individuals to learn.

This section will explore how to best prepare yourself for learning, strategies you can use to study, hints for writing great essays, exam tips, as well as links to a variety of online resources.

Have a go and find what works best for you.

Bookmark this page so that you can easily refer back and check out new tips and links as they are added.