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In the exam

It's showtime!

You now have the opportunity to display all that you have learnt and understand. 

Follow these suggestions throughout the exam:

  • organise your equipment on your desk
  • get comfortable and settled in your chair; stretch out your legs and arms
  • take a few deep breaths
  • stay positive, be kind to yourself with your thoughts and do your best
  • use your reading time to look through the entire exam. Identify any harder questions that might require more than the recommended time and make sure you know how long you are going to spend on each section of the exam
  • when you can start writing, make some notes with important information that you will need to recall and use throughout the exam
  • read questions carefully. Read every word, making note of keywords and the verb/s, as well as what the question requires of you
  • answer questions in as much depth as is required according to how many marks it is worth, using the space provided as a guide. Be succinct with your writing, answering the question, not just writing everything you know about the topic
  • complete a plan before you start ALL extended responses and write using a structure, such as the PEEL process
  • when you have completed your exam, go back and read through each question and your answer. You will likely be able to correct spelling or punctuation or add additional content to improve your response. Use all of the time you have for the exam
  • once the exam is over, there is nothing more you can do, so let it go. Tick it off your list and focus on the next one.
For more information visit the exam tips in the HSC hub on the Department of Education website